OCCASIONAL DREAM “Περιστασιακό Όνειρο” (Lyra, 2000)
DNA “Dark Project”   (DNA Label, 2003)
TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN “How the story goes…” (Protasis, 2003)
Χ. ΛΑΜΠΡΑΚΗΣ-Β. ΤΖΑΒΑΡΑΣ “Project 37” (Ίδρυμα Αβέρωφ, 2005)
4+1 “Live at Sfendoni” (Triple Bath, 2010)
TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN “Aged 15 years” (2011)
VASSILIS TZAVARAS “Songs in a room” (DNA Label, 2011)
VASSILIS TZAVARAS “Enclosure” (DNA Label, 2012)
M. NIVOLIANITIS – V. TZAVARAS “Apousia” (DNA Label, 2012)
VASSILIS TZAVARAS “Singing bone”  (2013)
SILENT MOVE “In Seven Parts” (Triple Bath, 2014)
VASSILIS TZAVARAS “broken” (Triple Bath, 2016)
VASSILIS TZAVARAS “missing word” (DNA label, 2019)
M. KATACHANAS-V. TZAVARAS “Guerre de paysages” (KET, 2019)
H. LAMBRAKIS-V. TZAVARAS “The lost album” (2019)
VASSILIS TZAVARAS “five miniatures for guitar” (2022)
RABBIT’S EYE “The damage was terrific” (FPE, 2022)
THE STORYVILLE RAGTIMERS “Live at Almagesti” (2023)
VASSILIS TZAVARAS “Love and Money” (2023)